American Venous Forum to Collaborate With NIH’s C-TRACT Trial


November 14, 2019—In a letter to American Venous Forum (AVF) members, AVF President Brajesh K. Lal, MD, announced that the AVF and the National Institutes of Health–funded C-TRACT trial have entered into a partnership in which the AVF will contribute its expertise, perspective, and work effort to advance the trial’s success.

According to Dr. Lal’s AVF letter, the C-TRACT trial is a large study of endovascular therapy for postthrombotic syndrome (PTS). The goal of the study is to understand whether image-guided procedures reduce the severity of PTS and improve patients’ quality of life. The long-term safety and costs of endovascular procedures are also being evaluated. Findings from the study will provide new information on optimal ways to care for patients with PTS. Currently, there are 23 clinical centers participating in C-TRACT, with availability for more.

The partnership expands AVF’s tradition of leadership in promoting evidence-based decision-making in venous and lymphatic disease. In the agreement with C-TRACT, which is led by Suresh Vedantham, MD, AVF will leverage its knowledge and resources to increase awareness of the study, assist the study leadership in identifying investigators and sites to participate in the study, encourage enrollment in the trial, and promote best practices for study conduct. AVF will use its communication resources (including Vein Specialist, e-mail blasts to its members, its website, and social media channels) to provide real-time updates and assistance with trial activities.

Discussions of C-TRACT will be presented at AVF meetings, including Venous 2020 (the 32nd annual meeting of AVF to be held March 3–6 in Amelia Island, Florida) and the Fall and Spring AVF Fellows’ courses. It will also be discussed at AVF sessions at other society meetings and in AVF’s scientific journal, Journal of Vascular Surgery: Venous and Lymphatic Disorders. In the coming weeks and months, the AVF will share more updates on the efforts and opportunities for membership participation.


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