October 2019


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New Technologies Put the Thrill Back in Dialysis Access

Fistula Creation, Maintenance, and Overall Patient Management



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New Technologies Put the Thrill Back in Dialysis Access

By JD Meler, MD

In the Spirit of Medical Innovation

By Dheeraj Rajan, MD, FRCPC, FSIR, FACR

From a Patient’s Perspective: Multiple Views Focused on the Best Patient Care

Experts discuss challenges and concerns that dialysis patients face, decisions surrounding the type of vascular access, how to improve the dialysis patient’s experience, and the role of endoAVFs in patient satisfaction.

With Alejandro Alvarez, MD; and Charmaine Lok, MD

Clinical Utility of the WAVELINQ™ EndoAVF System

Considering future options and analyzing current application in predialysis patients, basilic and brachial vein fistulas, and conditioning poor veins.

By Nicholas G. Inston, PhD

How Do You Utilize Your Network Partners Cohesively to Successfully Create an EndoAVF Program?

Experience-based insights of initiation and adoption of endoAVF creation using the WAVELINQ™ EndoAVF System.

With Alejandro Alvarez, MD; Aurang Z. Khawaja, MD; and George L. Mueller, MD

The Growing Role of Endovascular Therapy in AV Access

Multidisciplinary experts weigh in on the effect of endovascular therapy in Europe.

With JM Abadal, MD, PhD, EBIR; Lamprini G. Balta, MD; Raphaël Coscas, MD, PhD; and Geert Maleux, MD, PhD

Endovascular Treatment of Dysfunctional Vascular Access: From Fundamentals to an Algorithmic Approach

Choosing the ideal device for the right location in dialysis access management.

By Panagiotis M. Kitrou, MD, MSc, PhD, EBIR; and Dimitrios Karnabatidis, MD, PhD, FCIRSE

The Use of the LUTONIX® 035 Drug Coated Balloon PTA Catheter for Challenging AV Access Stenosis

Formulating a strategy to manage neointimal hyperplasia for dysfunctional AV fistulas in clinical practice.

By Theodore F. Saad, MD

The Evolution of Covered Stents

Improving the outcomes of PTA for hemodialysis access circuit stenosis with the FLAIR® Endovascular Stent Graft, FLUENCY® PLUS Stent Graft, and COVERA™ Vascular Covered Stent.

By Bart Dolmatch, MD, FSIR

How Do Emerging Technologies in AV Access Fit Within the Current Economic Climate of Your Practice?

A discussion of the economic benefit of drug-coated balloons and covered stents and the current economic challenges of treating AV access patients.

With Tobias M. Steinke, MD; Scott S. Berman, MD, MHA, RVT, FACS, DFSVS; and Bart Dolmatch, MD, FSIR

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